Interstate Pipeline Overview

Natural gas has become the choice fossil fuel in America because it is clean-burning, efficient, and readily available in the United States, thanks to the discovery of the shale gas plays. In order to consume this domestic fuel source, interstate pipelines are being utilized to service areas that are not located in immediate proximity to shale gas plays. Interstate pipelines are a safe, effective way to deliver the nation’s natural gas supply to market for use by residents, industries, and for power generation.

EQM Midstream Partners is currently managing several interstate transmission pipelines. Please visit the following Informational Postings sites to learn more about these pipelines:

Equitrans Informational Postings

Equitrans, which includes the Ohio Valley Connector and the Allegheny Valley Connector is a 950-mile Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)-regulated interstate pipeline system that connects six interstate pipelines and multiple distribution companies.

Rager Mountain Storage Company Informational Postings

The facility is located in the core of the Marcellus shale region near Ebensburg, PA.